Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Being Home

I guess being kind of stuck at home is good for something, I am doing some good stash reduction this week. I have quilted six table runners which means lots of backing fabrics used and I also have made several additional table runner tops. Since they all involved things fused on them will have to stitch around all the motifs before I can quilt any of those.

Mandy's healing from her tonsils is going slower than either of us hoped for. No problems, just slow healing and still hurts a lot. I know she isn't feeling well but also think she is taking advantage of having someone to wait on her. I have a couple of appointments tomorrow so she will have to fend for herself, and I am sure she will do just fine.

A week from tomorrow school starts, I know I am ready.



betty said...

Yes, we all love to be waited on!
However, I hope she isn't having any problems.

Eileen said...

Love the fend for herself....lol