Friday, August 19, 2011

Friday I think

Well I guess it is friday, been kind of off schedule all week.

I have been working away on lots of craft show table runners. Got a few quilted, some bound and a few I stitched around fused motifs. Nice progress on all of them.

I have also been straightening up the house for Mandy's end of the summer party tomorrow night with her dance class. I was going to put a quilt away that was sitting out in the process of being bound but decided to sit down and finish the binding instead. This is a neon cat quilt made with my favorite pattern Warm Wishes.

Well school schedules came out on line last night. Of course Mandy's is messed up. I know with trying to schedule classes around an early dismissal so she can take her college class is hard but gee....... they didn't give her enough classes (have to take at least 3 at the high school and one at college for graduation requirement).

Now to try and contact the counselor to get things straightened out. Schedules just came out last night, no one working in the office at the high school today (budget cuts), phone system is messed up and you can't leave a voice mail and oh yea, school starts wednesday!! Sure hope she can get an appointment monday or tuesday so it is straightened out before she starts school.

Oh and the kicker, her AP Psychology class that she did TONS of homework for this summer, she doesn't have the class!!! It must not be available except late in the day when she will be at college but isn't there some way of figuring that out and letting the kids know BEFORE 2 work days before school starts!!!

Ok, enough venting. Off to get ready to run an errand and then take Mandy for a re-check of her tonsils. She says her throat is finally doing much better today and she was able to eat something other than soft soft foods.


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Eileen said...

Nice quilt---great colors. Boo hiss on all the schedule mix ups. I would NOT want to be in the office with all those phone calls from parents.