Thursday, August 25, 2011

Back on Schedule

Think I will be getting back on schedule/routine pretty quickly with school having started yesterday. I did a couple of things around the house, followed by early morning errands and then spent several hours in the sewing room.

I quilted this quilt for Carol yesterday. She calls it a use it all quilt because she uses everything and anything that she has in her scrap piles. This one is more organized as she used mainly patriotic prints and colors but it was still pretty much everything she had in that category from little pieces to a few unused pinwheels.

Having SO MANY tiny seams meant having to go a little slower with the quilting.

I did sit down and make out a quilting "to do" list for just the rest of the week. I wanted to get:
1. Carol's quilt quilted
2. Large outside border unsewn from UFO of the month
3. Start working on 9 patches for workshop
4. Start piecing a backing for Christmas quilt

I have done good so far, #1 and #2 are done. I got about half of the fabric cut for the 9 patch blocks done also but have not worked on #4 yet.

Guess I should save cutting out fabrics for the weekend in case we get some of the hurricane. Can cut during that but don't want to be running the long arm or my good sewing machine if there is a chance of power surges.


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kwiltnkats said...

Good idea on holding cutting, but it goes so quick and its so nice to be able to claim a finish. I've been hoping as the song goes...that Irene will go to sleep! Sandi