Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Senior Year

Oh gee, I am very glad that school starts today but was surprised after she left for school that I got choked up.

Today is the first day of her senior and I know how fast this year will go and that before I know it we will be packing her up to go away to college. Where have the years gone?

Yesterday sure was an interesting day. I got the next customer quilt partially loaded on the frame and a couple of bindings sewing on. Decided to go run some errands with the daughter and then sit down and watch a movie with her to enjoy her last day of summer.

Towards the end of the movie is when the earthquake hit. I have been in several so I knew what it was but my brain was still saying NO, that we don't have those here in Maryland. It felt like our whole house was swaying, not a fun feeling.

Both of us plus Sammy (the cat) were kind of shook up after that.

A few errands this morning then I need to do my quilting "to do" list and then get working on the customer quilt.


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Alycia said...

Glad you are okay - I would be choked up too!!! They are not supposed to grow up so fast!