Saturday, August 13, 2011

Finally Some Quilting

Finally something quilt related to talk about. While we were on vacation Jane dropped off a charity quilt that she had finished the binding on. I cut these donated State Floral Fabrics into half square triangles and then made up several kits. This is the first one completed. It was pieced by Louise, quilted by myself and bound by Jane. This will eventually go to hospice.

I took some bindings on vacation with me and did get the binding finished on my duck quilt. Nice to have a finish.

Today while Mandy is sleeping most of the day on the sofa from pain medicines I am spending time downstairs trying to finish quilting my Christmas quilt and checking on her ever so often. Tonsils are never fun to get out, sure hoping this will make her healthier.


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betty said...

Nice job on the two quilts. Hope Mandy feels better each day.