Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Time to Piece

Spent ALL yesterday morning at the doctors office with my daughter. When you have a 10:15 appointment and they are ALREADY and hour and 15 minutes behind schedule you know someone is double booking appointments. I don't mind a short wait but they expect YOU to be on time, why can't they schedule better?

Anyway the appointment was a follow up on tonsilitis, to look at her tonsils in their "healthy" state. Since making the appointment she got sick again so is back on a new antibiotic and we are going to an ENT on thursday to discuss having them pulled. It is probably needed but wish the recommendation had been made the beginning of summer so that she could get them pulled before her senior year starts and also before the class at the community college starts that she is going to take.

I did get a small customer quilt quilted yesterday and then spent a little time working on my Christmas sampler quilt. I started sewing the sashing strips and decided to use gold for those after many comments on my blog that people thought it would be the best color.

NO doctors appointments for either of us today so hope to get my notes etc. ready for my quilt guild meeting tomorrow, a couple of errands run and hopefully time in the sewing room to continue with the sashing strips and to get something loaded on the frame.



Lori said...

we've got great dr. service in our little town--if they're running behind due to emergencies/babies etc they tell you, and you can either reeschedule, or you can come back later--they are usually within 10 minutes of being accurate.

Having your tonsils out at that age--recovery is fast. Much better than the illnesses before.

kwiltnkats said...

Kathie, I just found out about this today. You know when you put a favorite in your computer…sometimes there is an icon associated with it. This is called a Favicon. There is a relatively new feature in Blogspot in the design tab top left corner that you can add a jpg file and have it do it for you. I’ve done it. Used my cat and spool. It appears the file needs to be square; I don’t know about size of file—I didn’t have a problem with that. When you have time and want to try it…see if it works for you. That file can be anything that associates you to your blog like mine is my cat and spool.