Friday, December 10, 2010


Are you inspired in this gift giving season to do for others? I hope everyone is from donating to Toys for Tots, food to the local food bank or our charity sewing.

The absolute best gift I have this holiday season is that the three of us are healthy. So many people I know have illness in their family and I know how lucky I am that we don't.

That feeling of thankfulness has inspired me to work on some charity projects this week. The other day I quilted this quilt for hospice. It was made by Kathy V out of a kit I cut last winter from donated fabrics. It will go off to one of my binding fairies later today.

I also took some time to piece backings for two more hospice quilts. Simple one seam backings but still takes time to find a fabric, press and cut and then sew the seam. To bad I couldn't count any of the fabric as stash reduction but found fabrics that would work in one of the charity fabric boxes.


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kwiltnkats said...

This looks to be a large quilt. I'm sure it will be loved by someone at the Hospice Home. Have you seen the fusible batting tape yet? It may have been out for awhile, but it's received lots of good comments. One roll at ~$8.00 will last for 3 large quilts. I got a roll of it to try. Has promise.