Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Our guild party last night was a lot of fun. Games, friends and of course lots of good food. Both of my guilds and my bee all had gift exchanges. I think I will probably only participate in one or two next year, three gets time consuming to do all the shopping and a little expensive.

I did gets lots of goodies over the three parties. Here is a picture of all the sewing related items. In addition to all of this I also received a really cute cassarole dish.

One of the things here I have never seen before was turnovers. Now I have heard of jelly rolls, layer cakes etc. but never a turnover. These triangles are all of very pretty pastel fabrics. I am thinking of pairing them with cream or maybe a pale pink solid triangle and then figuring it out from there.

I also got two seam rippers, is someone trying to tell me something!!! I was glad to see these as this way I can put one in my "sew in" box that I take with me and have another extra when I replace my other one (which I do often).


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