Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Ed's Quilt

My husband is off from work this week and enjoying having nothing that he has to do. Yesterday he decided to put the borders on this little quilt that he started several weeks ago. I was given a drawing where you sew squares together, cut it into three sections and flip it around and by magic all the squares are now on point.

He thought it looked interesting so tried it with a stack of 5 inch squares that had been donated by someone to the guild for charity quilts.

With a couple of borders added it turned into a cute little quilt that will be donated either to hospice or to the nursing home project the guild is doing.



Eileen said...

That is just lovely. He did a wonderful job. Not sure I would want my husband in my sewing NO fear of that.

Mary said...

It looks great -- I've got a pattern for cutting a quilt like this to put it on point but I don't remember where it is. Very cute.

bunbear said...

Kathie, I would love to have the directions for sewing the rows together then cutting a certain way and putting the squares on point. Could you tell me where I might find them? Thanks.

Tammy K. in Illinois