Tuesday, December 22, 2009

I won

At the craft co-op where I have some of my quilts they recently made up a raffle basket. Everyone added items to the basket and raffle tickets were sold to help pay for expenses at the mill where we sell our crafts. They didn't say anything about members not being able to participate so I purchased a ticket last friday.

This morning I got a call and to my surprise I won the basket. There were lots of hand made ornaments in the basket, a kitchen towel that fastens over the handle of the oven, a Santa for the wall, a can of nuts, a couple small candles and several other things.

What a nice surprise.

This afternoon I spent some time working on that quilt that was given to me. I have the center part all together and now working on the borders. I need to get something on the frame but am having fun doing a little piecing the last couple of days.