Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Back to Sewing

I actually had some time to sew yesterday and didn’t know what to work on, do have that problem?

I finally found a bag that had some string blocks in it that several of us had made at a charity sew -in MONTHS ago. These were all done in guy type of colors with blue center strings.

I decided to pair them with cream squares and then cut them on the diagonal. Thought that it would make the pieced blocks go further and that it would be a new twist (for me) to string blocks. I then started to play around with them a bit on the design wall.

I ran out of blocks for what I originally wanted to do but this is what I came up with. I usually have to have things symmetrical so this is a big change for me but I think I like the look.

I will probably let it age a little on the design wall and see if I still like it before I start sewing it together.

This will be another hospice top to add to my stack that needs to be quilted. I must make that my goal for early 2010 to get a bunch of those quilted up. Even a quick meander on a few would get them done.



Mary said...

I like it Kathie, I usually make my half square strings with the strings still running on the diagonal but I've been wanting to try a set like these too.

Elaine Adair said...

Looks good to me.

In case you haven't thought about it, on some of my string blocks that I've arranged like this, I've put a quick corner on the white triangle - that gives it a whole new personality! Yours is lovely and I really like your rich fabrics.

crazypatch dreamer said...

Kathie: That is very striking. I can also see those kinds of blocks set in a big Ohio Star or Carpenter's star, but your setting is great too. Louise

Pat said...

I love what you did with those strings. Nice options and they do make the strings go farther!

Eileen said...

Wow--it is amazing how great just string blocks can look in the right design.

Anonymous said...

That is so pretty, Kathie. What a clever idea to cut them up. I've never tried that before. You've inspired me! :) Dianne B. in England