Saturday, December 26, 2009


I hope everyone had a safe and wonderful Christmas.

We had a great day. We were invited to Christmas brunch at Mandy's boyfriends house. What nice people and great food. They had every kind of breakfast food you could imagine.

Since my mother has been gone it is usually just the three of us at holidays so it was a nice change to be part of a huge chaotic gathering.

I did use some of my Christmas presents yesterday, a strip cutter and a new large cutting mat to start cutting fabric that will be a quilt for our living room. I am going to make a pattern called Monet's Wedding Ring that I saw in a book two or three years ago. It looks like pretty easy piecing but boy what a lot of little pieces. Since I am going to make it scrappy it will take a long time just to get it cut out and ready to sew so I am going to work on that a little at a time between other projects.


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