Saturday, May 2, 2009


No pictures today though I have accomplished a lot this week.

I finished the binding on my guild challenge quilt, quilted two customer quilts and yesterday finished quilting a Hospice charity quilt and I also pieced a table runner.

With the beginning of May it is now six months since I quit my office job and have been staying home doing quilting as a business. A couple of people asked if I had any regrets which really made me reflect over the last six month.

I do miss the social interation with other people. Even when I was busy at work there was always a little chit chat during the day and I do miss that. I miss several co-workers that I worked with for several years but in reality that is all I miss.

I love being able to make my own schedule. If I just don't feel like quilting a quilt one day I use that day to do house work and run errands and do the quilt the following day. I try to quilt quilts in the order received but if I have done a couple of larger ones in a row I can reorder and do a small baby quilt next.

I am trying to work on customer quilts only during the work week and reserve sewing time on the weekends to charity, craft show and my own projects.

One of the best things is that I have been able to join a day time quilt guild. Our once a month meeting on a wednesday morning I really look forward to. We have so much fun, have speakers, classes and lots of show and tell.

I am also enjoying being able to coordinate the effort to get a lot of quilts made for our hospice house opening this summer. I have 10 completed quilts, quilt 11 is done I just don't have it back yet from binding and quilt #12 is the one I finished quilting yesterday and just need to get the binding stitched down.

So all in all, no regrets. I do miss the pay check but am getting used to spending less.


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