Saturday, May 9, 2009

Week In Review

Well I did get all three customer quilts done this week, binding on both table runners and most of the rows together for the middle section of Mandy's quilt. Not bad considering a couple of the days I was gone from the house a lot of the day.

This weekend I would LOVE to get the middle of that quilt done. Then it could be put aside for awhile to decide on border colors.

Guild meeting is monday night so I want to take time to get everything ready for that and I am currently in the process of squaring up some half square triangles that we made at our last sew in. I am hoping I can get them all trimmed and make them into a couple of quilt kits to take to the guild meeting monday night. I am hoping that someone will take them home and make them into quilt tops for hospice donation.

I still have 3 or 4 hospice tops here to quilt so won't have time to work on hospice tops for awhile.

In addition to this sewing we need to make car repairs this weekend. No not an actual car, it is a car made out of cardboard and is a prop for my daughters upcoming dance performance. This think is falling apart and needs some major repairs.

Sounds like a pretty full weekend.


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