Friday, May 29, 2009

Friday Already

This week has flown and it is hard to remember what day it is. With Monday being a holiday, my daughters dance schedule changed around and trying to catch up on things after being sick I have to think each morning what day it really is.

This is a picture of Carol's quilt that I finished quilting a couple of days ago. She is the "Scrap Queen" of our guild. She will take any and all scraps and make something wonderful out of it. Each time I see one of her quilts I am inspired to try some of the scrap blocks but I never follow up on it.

Last night in the mail I received two quilt tops from my on line group Heartstrings. I will quilt these and they will be donated to our local Hospice House opening this summer. Thanks to all the heartstrings members that contributed to these quilt tops.


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