Sunday, January 4, 2009

Weekly Goals

I find I do better when I try to plan my week out so my goals for this upcoming week are:

1. Quilt two customer quilts
2. Piece a backing for the interlocking stars quilt
3. Continue de-junking the house, I cleaned out my dresser yesterday and picked up a few things to toss from the computer room today.

A funny story on de-junking that anyone with teenagers would appreciate. My daughter is suppose to clean her room every weekend. What she ends up doing mainly is picking up clothes and maybe if I am lucky getting trash out of her room. She had a couple of friends spend the night New Years Eve so I helped her on cleaning her room a little bit better. Well under a pile of pillows and other things on her window seat I found a little make up bag that her half sister left here at the house when she visitied THE END OF OCTOBER. Shows how "good" she has cleaned her room the last two months.

I wonder what else we could find in there!!!


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