Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Goals and Such

The last goals I set for myself were all accomplished so on to a new list as I do better when I write (or type) things done. Maybe it is that I hold myself accountable that way. It is already tuesday so I won't say I will get this all done by friday but hope in the next few days to at least:

1. Get a backing pieced and quilt loaded on the frame and quilted. I am getting to many tops (charity and craft show both) that need to be quilted and I have no backings ready.

2. Quilt customer lap quilt I will be getting today.

3. Finish Christmas blocks for Snowball/9 - patch quilt.

Do you consider yourself a neat and organized sewer or a disorganized one? I try to work on one project at a time to the next stage. Like blocks all finished and then put them neatly away and work on something else for awhile like put other blocks into a top. That keeps the clutter down a bit but somethings I have pieces and strips and what nots EVERYWHERE.

This is a picture making the first few 9 patch blocks. Doesn't look to bad does it? I should have really taken a pictures of the cutting table where the box of red and green strips were taking over everything.


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