Sunday, January 11, 2009

Goals Met

Well I have not been very good about blogging this week but I did meet or exceed all my self set goals. I quilted and delivered two customer quilts, pieced a backing for the interlocking stars quilt and also got that quilt quilted.

How do you do your backings? In an effort to only buy fabric when I need it and to also reduce my fabric stash I am piecing a lot of my backings per the Bonnie Hunter style from and piecing backings with 10 1/2 squares. This backing used left over fabric from the front, a few tan pieces I had in my stash and a purchase of a little over a yard of one additional fabric.

This uses fabric I already have and I think makes a more interesting backing. It does take longer to do but I enjoy what it adds to a quilt.

In addition to all my quilting this week I joined a day time quilt guild. It is nice that my schedule is pretty much my own now and that I was able to do this. I knew several of the ladies already from other guilds and look forward to getting to know the rest of them. The guild seems well organized, has a room with plenty of space to meet in and they even have lunch each month as an extra treat.

Kathie L.


Pat said...

I used to like my backs done in a boring white or beige. Then one of the quilts I did for my husband, I had purchased more fabric than I needed but didn't have a piece big enough for the whole thing, so I pieced it. We've loved it--in fact it's a rule who gets the couch gets the quilt! Just kidding, but it gave birth to a new way of looking at the back. Much more interest when there are pieces there!

Darlene said...

I have only pieced a few backings, but I did like how it came out. I used 12.5" squares rather than 10.5" I plan on piecing more backings.

Enjoy your daytime quilt group. That sounds like a lot of fun.

Your happy quilt came out adorable. I have been making blocks, now to turn them into tops!

Also, love the friendship star quilt. Thank you for sharing your pictures. You do beautiful work.