Thursday, September 25, 2008

Wednesday Weigh In

Yes I know it is really thursday but I have been messed up on what day it is all week and intended on posting this yesterday. Three months into my Life Style Change (not calling it a diet because this has to be a permanent change) I have now lost 18 1/2 pounds and most importantly when I went to the doctor on tuesday to discuss my latest blood work found that my cholesteral has gone down by 30 POINTS which made me very happy.

I set several quilting goals for myself for the week and though my primary time to quilt is friday - sunday I have already made some progress this week. My goals for the week are:
Quilt small customer quilt - DONE
Machine applique on 3 table runners - 1 done
Bind 2 table runners - 1 done
Quilt two more runners - COMPLETED last night
Quilt charity quilt

Hopefully I can get these all completed by sunday.


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Alycia said...

Congratulations!! Thats a GREAT accomplishment!