Monday, September 29, 2008

Panographs and Weekend Progress

A couple of people asked me if my quilting is using a pano or freehand. I hate to admit but I have never tried to use a pano and wouldn't know where to start or even how to install my lazer pointer. It is one of those things I would LOVE to learn how to do but feel I need someone to show me. The dealer I bought my machine from didn't do panos so I never learned.

I accomplished everything on my quilting to do list for the weekend plus spent a little time straightening my batting pieces. I labeled the size on anything big enough for a lap quilt, put pieces big enough for table runners in another stack and put the smaller pieces in a bag to take to quilt guild to see if anyone wants them for rag quilts. One thing in the sewing room straightened up anyway so maybe I don't knock the stack of batting over every time I walk to the iron.

Here is a pictures of some of the Christmas blocks I was working on saturday. It probably won't be a finished quilt till next year but need to take a break from customer quilts and craft show items for a day. This is also stash busting because I am using left over binding pieces for these blocks.


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Mary said...

Pantographs are easy I think - do you have Linda Taylor's Longarm book? I'm pretty sure she talks about doing pantographs.