Thursday, November 18, 2010

What a week

I sure have got zero, zip, nada done sewing wise this week.

The week has been waiting to get information on settlement (still waiting), things with my daughter (how does anyone do it with several children?) and trying to get a few customer quilts done.

Monday, tuesday and wednesday nights were my daughters dance team try outs That was running back and forth to and from practice and errands for a sports poster they had to make. Now what that has to do with dancing I don't know but like a good mom went to Michaels and got all the poster things I could think of.

At least all of the work and errands payed off as she was selected for the team last night.

That was decided then on to the next crisis. That was in the form of taking her drivers test today after a bunch of last minute practicing with her dad last night. After lots of nerves and a couple of hours out of school (lots of waiting at DMV) she passed with flying colors.

After school of course she had to go out driving by herself for the first time. I really thought I was going to have a panic attack when she pulled away from the house. Will I EVER quit worrying when she is behind the wheel?

I finished loading a quilt this evening and quilted one pass across it and then called it a night as I am to tired to concentrate.

I am hoping that tomorrow is a little less hectic, that I am able to finish the quilt, get things done around the house and maybe just sit with my feet up for a bit.


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kwiltnkats said...

Your post has given me a nice chuckle this morning. I wish I was in your shoes with the doings of a child. I missed my opportunity and thrill when I get to share my friends experiences with their children. Was DD still out driving after that first quilting pass? Could that be why you couldn't focus? Congratulations on all of DDs accomplishments; I hope she found time to give you a big hug for getting her where she's at today!