Tuesday, November 2, 2010

A Finished Top

I really should have loaded the next customer quilt yesterday but with a million errands to run and several interruptions I just didn't want to stop and start on the quilt. Instead I worked on several of my projects.

First off I got borders on this soccer quilt so it is one step closer to being a finished Christmas present.

Later I completed 13 more blocks for my batik quilt. I could swear that I was working on 14 blocks not 13 so hope I didn't lose one somewhere.

Then last evening since my hubby is gone and daughter was at a game I sat and watched TV and got the binding about half done on the last Christmas quilt I made for my craft shows.

So even with all the errands, interruptions and distractions I still got a lot done, just not what I had intended on.

Today is no school so I imagine I will be running the roads again today. Sometime today I need to fit in time to quilt two table runners as backing fabric is already on the frame and to get the next customer quilt loaded.

I have already busted some fabric stash this week so if I can just keep out of fabric stores I might have a good number to report on sunday's stash report.



debbie said...

I'm rooting for you Kathie! YOu can use 100 yds this year. Keep up the good work :o)

kwiltnkats said...

Always nice to take time for "us". My friend who has a quilting business has to schedule her projects to be done. Sort of sad in a way. Will your daughter contribute by sewing down the binding? Did you find block 14? Surprising how much we can get done when we are alone. Is your first craft show this weekend?

Mary said...

It looks great! I don't have any Christmas quilts i'm making this year but I have one to quilt for my aunt and one to quilt for Mom that they are giving as presents.