Monday, November 22, 2010

Design Wall Monday - November 22, 2010

Here it is monday and what is on my design wall? Nothing!! The only thing I think I have managed to sew this week is partially make 4 more batik blocks for my quilt. Lots of reasons why nothing is on the design wall.

Reason #1 - busy with customer quilts. This was one I did last week. Very cute quilt made out of just 3 inch squares.

Reason #2 - being a "Mom Taxi". My daughter spent three evenings trying out for dance team and then another afternoon taking her driver's license test. As you can see from the big smile she passed with flying colors.

Reason #3 - Getting ready for craft show #2. Yesterday was the second out of three craft shows I do so had to spend some time gathering things together again, loading up the van etc. Sales at the show were way down from last year. Hope I can make some of that up at my last show.

I am sure I am headed for another busy week but will definitely have something to show next monday even if it is a few blocks.



Kate said...

I keep telling myself that one day I'll have all this time to quilt and I'll miss my job as "Mom's taxi service", but there are weeks when I begin to doubt that!

I'm not sure whether to wish you congratulations on your daughter's recent acquistion of a drivers license or condolences. She can now get herself where she needs to go, but now you have to worry about her getting there!

Charlene S said...

Don't worry - after the Mom taxi service closes, you will get to open a Geema taxi service and that one travels much longer distances.

Quilter Kathy said... have been busy! I got a break from taxi duty on the weekend and got so much accomplished!

Denise :) said...

Love the quilting you did with your customer's quilt! Gorgeous! :)

Chris said...

I only have one kid left to taxi for. Just another year!

Eileen said...

Congratulations to that beautiful daughter.

AnnieO said...

Glad your design wall blank is because you were playing with other fabrics! Your daughter is a beauty. I don't miss the Mom Taxi days too much, especially the year when I had three kids going to three different schools!

kwiltnkats said...

Sounds like Mom Taxis are something everyone knows about and gosh already talking Grandma Taxis let's sure hope that one is far into your DDs future. Sorry you didn't bring home less at craft show #2 and you'll make up for that at craft show #3. If not you've got a head start for the 2011 craft show season.

ANudge said...

I would count your customer's quilt as on your design wall cuz you had to work on it.

from a grandmother Taxis