Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Project of the Day

This was the project I worked on yesterday for a customer. I wanted to show this quilt as it is another quilt that started with a pillow panel and just adding some simple borders makes for a cute quilt. Doing these for Carol is definitely making me want to break out my panels. I usually take a couple of weeks around Christmas (week before and week after) to do nothing but my projects so maybe I will pull some out then.

The only project of mine I managed to work on yesterday was to get a binding sewn on the last runner that I have quilted then last night while watching TV I got it hand stitched down. I still have five runners that need to be quilted but don't know if I will have a chance to do any of them before my next craft show on sunday.

Last night was the start of 3 days of dance team try outs for my daughter and tomorrow (maybe) we will be going to settlement on our old house. Sounds like another wacky week with rearranged schedules and not much time to sew. Sounds like Thanksgiving weekend (do you believe that is almost here) I will need to take some time for myself and hide in the basement (quilting room).



kwiltnkats said...

Darn when things get in the way. All good things, but eating into your quilting time nonetheless. The pillow panel quilts are surprisingly nice. Carol is doing a great job with the borders. Did you hear about the STOLLEN QUILT at Festival? http://www.quiltersnewsletter.com/blogs/insideqn/2010/11/15/quilt-stolen-at-festival/ the link for you. I'm going to put it along with another personal FANTASTIC SURPRISE I had on my blog tomorrow.

betty said...

Great job, I guess we all better get our panels out of storage and make them up. This one is lovely.
Good design from you and carol.