Friday, November 5, 2010

Craft Show Ready

I spent part of last evening going through the craft show quilts to see which ones to take with me tomorrow. Since this is a smaller show than the other two that I do every year, and I only have one table I can't take everthing with me.

I have a few last minute things to toss in but think I am mostly ready for tomorrow.

When we moved into this house in June our cat decided that he didn't want to go to the upstairs. This went on for over two months and he was always easy to find as he was somewhere on that floor. One day he just decided that he could manage the stairs after all and now we never know where he is. Cats pick funny places to lay that is for sure. This is one of his new favorites, he lays in the shower of the master bath with his chin on the ledge. Looks VERY uncomfortable to me.

Today is basically a housework day with a trip to the local quilt shop thrown in. They are having a 25% off everything sale and I figured it would be a good time to get a few quilting Christmas presents for several Christmas gift exchanges that I am in.

I am going to try and stay away from buying any fabric for myself but I don't know how I will succeed as there is a FQ bundle that has been calling my name for a long time.



kwiltnkats said...

What's your kitty's name? Looks like you're all set for tomorrow. I'll keep my fingers crossed that you'll not have anything to bring home!

Quilting: My Way said...

You talk a lot about craft fairs and the items you make for them. How did you get involved and is it profitable?