Wednesday, November 3, 2010


I wanted to review my goals from last January and see how I was doing this year. What I posted as goals on January 1, 2010 are:

1. Continue to get rid of PIGS. Either make them up, return the fabric to stash for use on other projects or give them away.
(I did make up a few things and returned several packets of fabric to my stash. Not great but making progress on this one)

2. Finish/give away a few more projects from my old old old UFO listing. (I might have finished one more of the old old ones. Think I just need to give them away).

3. Continue to quilt as many charity quilts as I can between customer quilts and my own quilts and to not feel guilty if I tell someone NO. Each quilter has their own personal charity of choice and I don't have the time to do quilts for each of those. I will continue to primarily quilt hospice quilts but will do an occasional one for other causes. (to date I have quilted 26 charity quilts this year. Most of them were for hospice with a few other tossed in there. I am doing better about saying no but not so good about saying no and not feeling guilty).

4. Seriously work on using up or giving away scraps, strips and orphan blocks that just add to a messy quilt room. (I did give away most of my orphan blocks to a lady making teddy bears with miniture quilts to give to rescue squad and Sheriff department and have a couple of ladies in the guild that I give most of my scraps to so I will say this one has been a success.)

So I have overall done fairly good on my goals so I guess I will start thinking about ones for 2011. I know I am awfully early but the next two months are so busy, I want goals in mind when January hits and I have more times for projects.

I think I might focus on things like using up FQ packages I got years ago, making some of those many panels I have into quilts etc.

I quilted a Halloween quilt this afternoon. Felt kind of funny but she didn't get it done in time so hey, she will be WAY early for next year.

Tomorrow on the agenda is several customer table runners.



Quilting: My Way said...

What is a PIG? Probably have some and do not even know it. lol

kwiltnkats said...

PIG is Project In Grocery Bag I think...correct me Ms New President Kathie if I'm wrong :)!It's a term I'd not heard of until recently.I say RTS (return to stash).When you are of the mind set to do things for charity saying no is always a hard thing-BUT sometimes it just has to be as one can be overwhelmed. Speaking from what I've heard others say "old old old UFOs" just get another "old" added to their description each year. Best to give them away-your old is someone else's new found treasure. Will you be posting the 2011 goals like JudyL? I've got one of those early 2011 Halloween project in my quilter's queue too.