Thursday, October 15, 2009


I was trying to work in my sewing room yesterday and was practically tripping over things, it is such a mess. I took the time to pick up a few things but really one of these days I need to devote a whole day to doing nothing but cleaning, straightening and tossing out things.

This is getting into my busy time of year with getting Christmas presents done, finishing up craft show items and keeping on top of customer quilts needed for Christmas. I doubt I will make any great headway in the sewing room until right around or after Christmas. I guess I am already thinking of goals or maybe call it early New Years resolutions.

When my slow time hits I want to take all the fabric off my shelves and refold and reorganize by color. It starts out that way but usually only lasts a few months and then things are kind of mixed up a bit. I also want to put away all the fabric from past projects that is still laying out. Sometimes I leave it out thinking I will go ahead and make up blocks or kits out of it or cut backing squares instead of putting it away again and then it sits.

I have patterns out that I don't want to put away and forget about but they might be sitting there for MONTHS.

I know I need to get more organized, toss or use some of the extra blocks etc. but never seem to take the time. Does everyone have the same problem?


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Eileen said...

I did that awhile back and LOVE it. I used a ruler to fold them on. I FORCE myself to put them away right now.