Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Busy Time

It has been a busy few days so have not had time to take any pictures or do any posting.

It was homecoming weekend so a lot of time was spent driving my daughter around. They lost the football game but had a great time at the dance so all in all she loved homecoming weekend.

Monday I was at the base early in the morning to stand in line to sign up for the December craft show. This is probably the best craft show in our area. I could have signed up later in the day or later in the week and still easily got a spot but I have had the same spots for the last five years and I have people that specifically look for me there. I will continue to do the show but think after this year I will just not worry about getting up so early. I will just go later in the day and take the best spot left.

Yesterday a friend invited me to an Antique Arts Guild/club that she belongs to. The meeting this month was on antique quilts. The speaker had so many quilts that he couldn't even show them all. So many styles, varieties and colors they were wonderful to see.

Today is my monthly day time quilt guild meeting. All of these are fun activities but I sure wish everything had not hit in the same week. Last week I hardly left the house other than errands. Our program today is charity quilting but I am not taking my machine or anything with me. We do a luncheon every meeting and four members are in charge of lunch. This month is my turn so I figure I will be busy with that and not have time to sew anyway. Maybe I can help someone iron, trim or pin.

I have been slowly working on my 9 patch Christmas quilt the last couple of days. I am doing 3 borders, a cream one, then a pieced border than another outside cream border. I am working on the pieced border now and hope to have all borders on by tonight so I can get a picture of the quilt.


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