Saturday, April 16, 2011

Its Definite

Went back to the doctor yesterday and it is definite, I need surgery on my thumb. Now the question is when. They have to get approval from insurance companies (I have two) and then surgery will be scheduled. The surgeon's current surgical schedule is about 6 weeks or more out so I probably won't be getting surgery for two more month.

That is kind of depressing but what can you do.

I did get three customer quilts done this week and the rest of the week was pretty much taken up with my daughter's and my doctors appointments so no actual sewing time, so no pictures.

Have a great weekend.



betty said...

Sorry that it didn't heal by itself, hope all will go well for you. At least it will be repaired and no more pain. Wishing you well.

Suzanne Neuhaus said...

So sorry to hear this about your thumb. I'm praying the surgery fixes the problem. Here's to a speedy and complete recovery.

Margie said...

This may not help but if anyone reads this who knows Kathie she is on vacation in Hawaii and doing fine. There is an email out there saying she is stuck in the UK and needs money. It's a hoax. Hopefully she will come online and post that she is ok. Like I said I don't know if this will help or not