Thursday, April 28, 2011

Finally some pictures

Finally have some pictures to share even if I didn't make the quilts. These two quilts are charity donations recently back from my binding fairy Jane.

This first one was made by Betty, quilted by myself and then Jane completed the binding for us. Ultimate destination will be hospice.

This second quilt is a cute scrappy little boys quilt made and quilted by Julia. This one will probably be going to our local hospital for a sick child.

Nice job ladies on both of these.

Just finished the last customer quilt I will be doing until after my surgery. Now to get a couple of my things quilted and then next week I will concentrate on getting some things done around the house, a couple of appointments and some kits cut.



kwiltnkats said...

The Betty quilt looks like a room separating screen. Neat optical illusion. Is this from the Betty I know? No errands today--it might be safer to be in your sewing room. Sandi

betty said...

Good job Kathie and Jane, I had forgotten about this quilt. I hope it will bring comfort to some one