Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Hospice Quilt #8

I was given this quilt saturday for our next delivery to Hospice House. This pretty floral was pieced and quilted by Julia. It was fun to look and see which of the fabrics are in my stash also.

Not much quilting/sewing going on here over the long weekend. I did make some more pieces for the Christmas Bricks (retitled Christmas Ribbons from a couple of comments made) but thats it.

After a quick errand this morning I am going to quilt the customer quilt on the frame and then hopefully seam a backing for one of my quilts. Assuming I get the fabric washed this morning that is.


1 comment:

kwiltnkats said...

Such a soft looking Hospice #8 quilt. Julia did a nice job. You will have to figure out how to quilt a ribbon pattern in your Christmas Ribbons project when you get it done. I'm thinking red thread.