Sunday, October 24, 2010

Sunday Stash Report - October 24, 2010

Well this was actually a stash enhancement week not a stash reduction week if you look at my numbers.

JoAnn fabrics had all those nice sales and 50% off coupons this week so I took advantage and purchased 8 yards of christmas fabric to back table runners. Hopefully that will be enough to quilt up the rest of the runners I need to finish before craft shows start. This is one of the backing pieces.

I also purchased some flannel since it was 60% off (don't you LOVE a sale) in a lavendar which will be the backing to my batik lap quilt. One customer of mine backed several batik quilts with flannel and I loved the feel of them plus I didn't have any problems quilting them which sometimes happens because of the tight weave of batiks.

Here are my stats for the week:

Fabric used this week: 6.25 yards
Fabric used YTD: 231.75
Fabric purchased this week: 12 yards
Fabric purchased YTD: 150.75

Net fabric used in 2010: 81 yards

Last night was also the big homecoming dance so had to post a couple of pictures of that. Dear daughter waiting for her date to arrive...

and then with her date.

I know it will be a let down for her but I am glad that homecoming week is over and we can go back to a normal schedule.



SpinningStar said...

Beautiful daughter! Hope you weren't too worried about her at the dance!

Sales are great times to enhance the stash and it looks like you did a good job!

I like to use flannel for backing on lap quilts since they don't slip off as easily as one backed with regular fabric.


kwiltnkats said...

Very nice dress. I'll bet they had a blast at the dance. Sales at 50% off are bad for us....:)! Don't think I've ever run across using flannel with Batiks. I know that flannel is a popular backing for many.

Kare said...

Your numbers still look great! I have been playing with the idea of backing some of our lap quilts with flannel - perhaps it's time now to make the plunge!

Judy D said...

Your daughter is gorgeous!!! Hope she had fun!
Our numbers are so close. :) Love your fabric. Stash awareness is a good thing. You will be deducting this fabric soon.

Pat said...

I love sales and 50% off coupons~it is such a good time to get backing fabrics! You will use it all soon!

Penny said...

Sales are wonderful and so hard to resist, but if you need it it is better to get it at a sale. Great numbers. I am impressed.

Kate said...

I'm behind on reading blogs due to our travel this week (the in-laws don't have Internet). Love all the pictures of your daughter this week. I hope she enjoyed Homecoming. She looked lovely in her party dress, but I think my favorite is her Wonder Woman look.

Sales are hard things to resist, but it sounds like you have intentions for all you bought, so it should move to the minus column soon. Over 80 yards busted is a terrific accomplishment!