Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Hospice Quilts Mini Quilt Show

All these quilts were completed in the last few days for hospice. Since I now have nine general quilts and three specific for the hospice patients at the veteran's home I am going to get these delivered hopefully today.

Here are the latest donations.

#5 is a pink star quilt pieced by Jan and quilted by Elizabeth, I love some of the fabrics in this.

Quilt #6 was a kit I cut up out of donated batik fabrics and then a floral out of my stash. This quilt was pieced by Regina and quilted by myself.

Quilt #7's center section was donated to the guild by an unknown person. Jane added some borders to it, quilted and bound the quilt. I always have liked this pattern. Quick and easy but has an interesting look.

Quilt #8 is out of printed panels, doesn't it look like all those geese are pieced? Very pretty quilt pieced by Elsie and quilted by Elizabeth.

Quilt #9 was also made out of a kit that I cut up out of donated fabrics. Ann L made this quilt and I quilted it. I love this color combination.

Thanks to all the ladies that made and quilted these quilts and to the binding fairies (Jane and Kathy V) that bound all of them.



Quilting: My Way said...

Love the quilts and like the fact that they are joint accomplishments. I love making my own but there is something satisfying about work together on these kinds of quilts.

kwiltnkats said...

Great job everyone. The hospice residence will be very pleased when they receive them. Thanks for the quilt show. Not one is nicer than the next. Thumbs up ladies.