Friday, October 22, 2010


Well life and activities have gotten in the way of my blogging this week.

First I went to a two day retreat which was great. Then had to get a customer quilt done and catch up on things around the house. This is also homecoming week with dress up days etc. that always seem to involve more errands.

Wednesday was character day.

Then to top it off we finally got an offer on our other house that we moved out of in June so that of course involved much paperwork, meetings and many phone calls.

It seemed like the week zipped by with not a lot done in the sewing room.

I did receive the first quilt for our next delivery to hospice which will probably be in about February. This quilt was done by ladies (Jeannie, Margie and Elizabeth) from my day time guild out of a kit I cut using donated fabrics.

I was going to send this off to one of the guilds childrens charities but on rare occasions (luckily) hospice does have children patients so it will be nice for them to have one kids quilt to have on hand. I love this brite frog fabric.

Hope to get pictures taken of my retreat accomplishments, just have to get the backing my hubby is piecing for me off of the design wall first.


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kwiltnkats said...

Great that the house is selling. Hope it continues to move in a positive direction. Lots of hopefuls that sometimes can't pull it off in the end. Cute character outfit your daughter is sporting. I hope the cute frog quilt can stay on the shelf at the Hospice Center a very long time. Busy week for you.