Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Mid Week Update

Well after a couple days being without the longarm I am now on a roll. I finished quilting the Christmas quilt that was on the frame

Then I went ahead and quilted two of my craft show table runners to make sure all was well with the machine.

Yesterday afternoon I loaded the next customer quilt and I quilted that after dinner last night.

Today is my monthly "play day". I have my day time quilt guild meeting. We have tons of fun and the ladies are really nice. Won't really be a relaxing day this month. We take turns in groups of 5 providing lunch for everyone so yesterday was lots of cooking and today will be busy with heating food, serving and cleaning up. Its a lot of work but we only have to do it once a year so get to enjoy being cooked for and waited on the other eleven months of the year, can't beat that.



Tamera said...

Beautiful quilts! So festive.

betty said...

Good to hear that your longarm is on the mend. Bad time for it to play games with you. Give my best to all.

Vicki said...

Good to heat you are up and running. Love those supportive husbands!! Love your quilt and runners.