Friday, October 8, 2010

I Declare

My husband is off work today and both my daughter and him are off on monday for Columbus Day so I am declaring this a 4-day weekend for me too.

I finished the last customer quilt I needed to get done this week yesterday so I am going to take the next 4 days to work on various projects (between running the kid around). I want to get one charity quilt quilted for hospice, bindings on a couple of runners that I quilted the other day, more craft show stuff quilted and batik fabric cut out for a quilt for me. My day time guild is having a two day retreat later this month and I would like to be able to start on that quilt then.

So I guess I need to do those nasty household chores this morning so I can start to sew this afternoon.



Quilting: My Way said...

Funny but it does not sound like a holiday. We call them "Busman's Holiday" when we do the same thing as real life, but for ourselves. I do the same thing of letting everyone else and everyone else's projects - customer or family - come first. If I have time I work on my stuff, but this week I declared a week of "just for ME!" I am dealing with my own UFOs and WIPs. Feels so good to be clearing up projects that had stumped me in the past.

kwiltnkats said...

A quilt for you! You're kidding! With all good things (time off for the retreat) comes things we don't relish (house chores). Did you mention Batiks?