Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Wednesday Update

It is amazing what can be accomplished when I have a few days of no appointments and very few errands to run.  

At our guild Monday night we had a speaker talk about what inspires you.  One of the things she mentioned was that everyone is creative at a different time of day.  I have the most energy, ideas etc. in the morning so now trying to hit the sewing room fairly early in the morning and leaving the chores and errands till later.  I am finding that I do get more accomplished that way.  

I have managed to get my layer cake blocks all into rows, next will be the sashing between the rows.

I also fully loaded my Tiffany panel quilt with a couple hundred crystals (hot fixed one at a time) and this morning have my Winter Inspiration on the frame.  

The kid (she will always be my kid) will be home from college tomorrow night for the first 3 days of her spring break.  Looking forward to that, will fit any sewing around her schedule.  

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