Monday, March 10, 2014

Design Wall Monday - March 10, 2014 and Weekly Goals

Several things passed across my design wall in the last week.  First off was my Winter Inspiration quilt top that I made during our two days being stuck in the house due to ice and snow.   It was inspired by a simple quilt I saw displayed as part of a challenge at the Hampton Quilt Show.

I also made this easy spring table runner at my Thursday sewing group.  Usually this is a 12 inch block but changed the measurements so it would end up a 14 inch block.

I quilted a couple of table runners for upcoming craft show, my rails quilt and also a customer quilt so managed to meet all my goals.   Since I did a couple of new projects I figured it was time to get back to existing ones and started back on my layer cake quilt.  I got 4 of the rows together (currently on my design wall) and 3 more to go.  Once those are done then I will have to go back and add the sashing between the rows.

Nothing on my agenda for the next 3 days so I should be able to get a lot done in the sewing room, just not sure what at this point.  Maybe ...

1.  Continue working on the layer cake quilt and get all rows done.
2.  Quilt 2 spring time runners
3.  Quilt customer quilt
4.  Put crystals on my Tiffany panel quilt.

DD will be home from college for a couple of days this weekend before heading south for her spring break.  I was really down that I didn't think I would get to see her during spring break but nice to find out will see her this weekend and then next weekend also when she gets back and before she goes back to college.    I know things are changing and I will see less of her but this mom doesn't do real well with change.

Have a wonderful week and hope you have time to quilt.



Sylvia said...

Love the strippy quilt!

Harriett said...

Sure am loving that layer cake quilt


Funny, but the seasons affect my taste in colour and so now Spring is here in England, I love the fresh colours of the Layer Cake, but a few months ago, I would have gone for the blues! They are all gorgeous though! xCathy