Sunday, March 30, 2014

Sunday Stash Report - March 29, 2014

Unfortunately don't have any big finishes or yardage usages to report this week.  I have been in kind of a funk and it has resulted in not much sewing.  On the good side I didn't feel like sewing so I did get three quilts quilted on the long arm.  One for a customer, one a baby quilt I had made a few months ago and also quilted my layer cake quilt.  

We had to close the quilt shop we owned in December due to not enough business.  With the holidays, myself being sick for a couple of months and then lousy weather I didn't really miss the shop.  We have continued to sell some items on etsy ( if you are interested) but that isn't keeping us very busy.   I guess now the not having a specific purpose to get up for in the morning and missing all the great customers is kicking in.  

Also the DD snagged a great summer paid internship for this summer so will be away from home most of the summer for the first time.  Was really looking forward to her being home from college but this is a great opportunity and I am very excited for her.

If anyone has any suggestions on how to get out of a retired/empty nest funk I would appreciate it.  I know everyone goes through it.  We so look forward to this time in our life but then wonder What Next?   We are lucky as I know so many people that didn't make it to retirement age and know we will adjust in time.

Anyway enough of that.  I did need to pick up black fabric for sashing and fabric for backing from my mini shop so this week for once purchases are more than usage.  

This weeks Stats:

Used this week:  3.25 yards (backing)
Purchased this week:  4.75 (backing and sashing fabrics)

Fabric used YTD:  84 yards
Fabric purchased YTD:  24.75

Still great numbers.  

I have been playing a little with working with the left over black and white blocks so hope to have a picture of that to post tomorrow.


Suzanne said...

Sounds like you've had a lot on your plate the last while. Anyone would be in a funk. I was told that when you are at the retirement stage of life (coming up soon for us too) to make some plans, like volunteering or a trip. Good luck...and your numbers look great!

Dee Dee said...

Can you plan a quick trip to see DD while she is away?
Hope you both find something fun to do with your free time.