Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Rulers and Such

I had several people ask about what ruler I used on the table runner and the purple blocks. It was a Quilt in a Day 45 degree triangular ruler. I am in no way affiliated with Quilt in a Day but if you decide to buy one of these rulers I recommend theirs. At the workshop I took in April there were several ladies that had ordered rulers of other brands and they were off so nothing was fitting together.

Yesterday was back in time (WAY back to the 80's, gee I feel old) for spirit week. I think Mandy was going for the flash dance or Olivia Newton-John look with the slouched socks and the shirt with the neck cut off and the bottom chopped way off. Thank goodness for a Michael's $2.99 shirt!!!

I spent some time with a friend yesterday helping her laying out some blocks so didn't get any customer quilting done. I did quilt up two table runners and got the bindings put on them by machine so accomplished somethiing at least in addition to some household chores.

Today I need to get a t-shirt loaded and quilted. I hear that they are a bear to quilt so wish me luck.



Quilting from Robin's Nest said...

I have quilted a few nd did not have problems. If you do, please share so I will be ready and anticipating any for the one I am making for a friend. I'm thinking I could have blocked the difficult moments, but maybe it is all in the way the t-shirts are prepared. Let us know.

kwiltnkats said...

I think the trick for T-shirt quilts is to make sure there is a stablizer behind the stretchy fabric. Of course you don't want to cover up the T-shirt message with a bunch of quilting, but then you have to space the stitching so all is held in place sufficiently. I'll leave the T-shirt quilts to others. Mandy pulled off the look again! What's next? Sandi