Friday, October 14, 2011

Quilting and College

It has been a busy week so don't have any pictures to show of my own quilting but this is the customer quilt that was on the frame yesterday...

It was an oversized lap quilt/not quite twin sized quilt. I love doing this size.

I also put a label on this quilt (shown below) so that it can be stowed away for the next hospice quilt delivery. I delivered 7 quilts to hospice last friday, 5 from my evening guild and 2 from my day time guild. Probably won't be taking any more until the beginning of the year so this will be the first quilt for 2012. It was made by Ann and Jane out of donated batik fabrics, I then quilted it and it went off to the binding fairies.

Lastly, the college application process continued last night. Spent an hour or so proofing the latest college application and helping (credit card assistance) getting it submitted. This was a common application so it got submitted to both Towson and Salisbury at the same time. Now a couple of weeks break and then I will be nudging her to start applying for scholorships.


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betty said...

Yes, you are one busy lady. The batik quilt is lovely, it sure will make someone very pleased to receive it. Do you ever have down time? lol