Wednesday, October 12, 2011

On the Frame

This was what was on the frame yesterday, this bright cheery customer quilt. Bright and sunny and nice and flat so it was a pleasure to quilt. I think I spent to many hours at the frame though with not enough breaks and my knee and foot are protesting this morning.

I am going to spend less time at the frame today. I have several errands I need to run and a few things to do around the house and then I am going to quilt a couple of craft show table runners before getting the next quilt loaded and ready to go.

Tonight is a meeting at the library on "Paying for College". Don't you just right a check for everything in your account and thats how you pay for college!!! lol Anyway think the hubby and I will go hoping that maybe part of the presentation will be on how to find scholorships etc.



Margie said...

Wow! That is pretty

kwiltnkats said...

Love the quilt on the frame. Purple and Yellow are always cheery! Sandi