Monday, September 21, 2009

Potato What???????

I recently finished Jake's race car quilt. It was using a pattern called a Couch Potato Quilt. I had pieces left over because I changed the size a bit. I was going to toss them in a drawer probably never to be seen again. I thought better of that and decided to see what I could make out of them before putting any left over fabrics away.

It made a small quilt, only 40 x 40 but could be a little boys play quilt or a nice wall hanging.

Since the large one was a couch potato quilt is this a Potato Chip Quilt or a Tater Tot Quilt?????


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Jan said...

Love the name "Tater Tot Quilt" and it turned out really nice :) I've got the "Couch Potato Quilt" but haven't made it just yet ... soooooo many projects and soooooo little time! I adore your "Snowman" quilt in one of the posts below! It really catches the eye :)