Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Classes and Workshops

I belong to two quilting guilds (one day time and one evenings) and one quilting Bee. From time to time classes or workshops come up with all of these groups. I try and pick and choose which ones to do. Sometimes the subject matter is just not of interest, other times the cost is high or the class date is not convenient. So many classes you also have to buy all new fabrics and I have been trying to shop my stash as much as possible.

The main reason I don't take many classes though is that I don't want to end up having lots of UFOs hanging around.

This time of year is great to take a class or two though. With the holidays being here before you know it I am using class/workshop projects as Christmas presents. Jake's quilt came out of a recent workshop. I will also be taking a 9-patch pizzazz workshop on thursday and that will end up being a Christmas present for my step daughter.

I got the fabrics pre-cut for it the other day so should be about ready to go.


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