Friday, September 25, 2009

Blue Ribbons

I went to the fair last night and discovered that I had won three blue ribbons. Now this county fair is pretty small and they have so many quilting categories I might have only been in competition with 1 or 2 other people who knows, but it was fun to win.

This first pictures is of the Christmas quilt I just finished the binding on the other night. Most of this quilt was made with left over binding strips from various projects.

In this second picture it is hard to see but my quilt is the one in the back right corner. It is a "Happy Block" childs lap quilt. The quilt in the front on the left my friend Jane made and I quilted it. Happy to see she won a ribbon also.

The last picture is of my daughters quilt. I finished it up a couple of weeks ago but I have not let her use it yet as I didn't want to risk something getting spilled on it before the fair or to enter it covered in cat hair. I know she will be glad when I pick up the quilt sunday evening as then she can use it in her room.



Ruthie said...

Congratulations on your ribbons....well deserved!

bingo~bonnie said...

They say that bad things happen in 3's and apparently for you the opposite is true too! ;) Congratulations on your 3 ribbons! ;)

I've also made a happy quilt like yours and it's on my 5 year old daughter's bed :) and it indeed does make her happy :)

I especially like your daughter's bright cheerful colored 9-patch quilt. Great job & Love from Texas! ~bonnie