Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Shelly's Quilt

I have to give you some history on this quilt. I started quilting a little over ten years ago. Shortly after that I found a group of yahoo quilters and started daily communications on-line. Several of us seemed to click and we broke off and formed our own private club. We not only have discussed quilting but shared our lives. We have been there together through illness, births, deaths and other major life events even though we are spread out from Texas all the way to New Hampshire.

Several years ago, shortly before I was going to have the opportunity to actually visit her in person, we lost one of our members to cancer.

Sue in Texas is going to be involved in a relay for life this spring. She made the center block of this little wall hanging and we each added a simple border to it. I quilted it yesterday and it will be winging its way back to Texas later today. The wall hanging will be sold to help raise funds for relay for life in Shelly's memory.

Here is to you Shelly, we still miss you and think of you often.