Sunday, February 22, 2009

Christmas Quilt #2

The last few days I have been finishing up the second Christmas quilt top. This is another one made scrappy. I love scrap quilts, my only problem is that I always way over cut the number of strips or pieces I need. I probably have enough squares left over to make another one of these. Guess I will put the squares along with my drawing of the quilt into a bag together so I will remember what I was going to make out of the remaining one.

I also managed to get one backing pieced in the last few days. Not the number I had intended but something about making backings is boring and I tend to put it off. At least I have a couple of quilts with backings now so I will have a choice of what to work on the next time I load something on the frame.

I decided to take a quilting class through my guild early in March. There is a lot of prep work required before the class so I have started cutting the 100 (all different) two inch strips required for the class. Since I have so much Christmas fabric I decided to make this another scrap Christmas quilt so I won't have to purchase any fabric.


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Darlene said...

Your Christmas quilt came out gorgeous!!!! Are the flowers fussy cut or appliqued??