Saturday, August 23, 2008

Time to Quilt

Mary asked when I get time to quilt with working and doing long arm quilting for customers.

I guess because I love to quilt and it is so relaxing it becomes a priority for me. I work four days a week so have a 3-day weekend every week. I can spread the errands, laundry and other household chores over three days allowing me some time to sew on the weekend. I also cook things on the weekend in the crock pot or make a meal that I know will have left overs so in a couple of nights I won't have to cook. My husband and daughter are fine with that, as long as it is something they like.

This past week was very busy for me at work, plus getting my daughter ready to start high school took up a couple of the evenings with school open house and buying school supplies. Needless to say I didn't get much else done other than dinner on the table and early to bed.

I am trying to make up for it this weekend. I quilted one small quilt yesterday and another today and have the backing on the frame for the third. Luckily all of the customer quilts I have right now are fairly small so they don't take all that long.

For a few days our DSL at home wasn't working so I didn't get a chance to post these pictures before. One is a customer quilt and I wanted to post this picture because I just LOVE the turtle fabric. The other is a couple of really bright table runners I quilted last weekend. Doesn't the flower power backing remind you of the 1970's???


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Mary said...

The turtles are cute however your quilting looks great on this quilt. Nice job.