Wednesday, February 1, 2012

She Did It!!!!

Mandy got her acceptance to the University of Maryland last night, talk about excitement in our house. We had told her because of the cost she could only apply to in state universities. She applied to three and was accepted at all three!!! I am so proud my buttons are about to bust.

Maryland has always been her first choice but before she makes a final committment we are going to attend open houses for her top two schools to take another look.

I am doubly excited for her because I had to struggle to be a B student so would have never had this opportunity plus financially it just wasn't possible when I was that age.

I don't think she slept last night from the excitement and then also the realization that now she has to make a choice and it will be her first "adult" decision and a very important one.



Eileen said...

Congratulations to both of you. Momma has a lot to do with a child's success in school.

betty said...

Mandy's news is so great, I can understand the excitement she is going through. Happy for the whole family.