Monday, February 6, 2012

Design Wall Monday - February 6, 2012

Well I was hoping for a different outcome of the game last night but at least it was a great, nail biting game!!

My design wall is currently in the middle of the family room so that we can play with the blocks to Mandy's graduation/dorm quilt. Since the quilt is going to be 11 rows long to accomodate an extra long twin sized bed at college all the rows won't fit on the design wall.

What we intend on doing is getting the first 6 rows how we like them and then take the first 3 rows off (marking the blocks) and then move everything up on the board so we can lay out the rest of the quilt. Think that should work. Mandy is liking it so far.

This was my "to do" list from last week:
1. continue making more blocks for Mandy's graduation/dorm quilt (about 3/4 of the blocks are done).

2. deliver a bag of quilts to hospice house.

3. quilt a charity quilt

4. make another hexagon runner

#1 is the blocks on the design wall, #2 I delivered 8 quilts to hospice on friday, #3 was accomplished last week also and #4 is partially done. I got all the corners sewn on the hexagons but then I needed the design wall for the dorm quilt.

As for this week:

1. Finish the hexagone runner top

2. Finalize the layout of Mandy's quilt

3. Make a pillow case (my friend is showing me today)


4. Quilt a customer kids quilt (also involves making a backing for it).

Hope you have great success with your weeks to do list!



Denise :) said...

Love the pinks! She will enjoy having this on her bed -- a connection to home and mom! Great goal setting for this week! :)

Connie said...

Beautiful colors, she will really enjoy this quilt!

Bonnie said...

I like your layout so far. Very nice. YEAH for gettin most of your goals done. I try to have enough goals to have to really work at getting all of them done. So, I don't stress if I don't get them all done.

kwiltnkats said...

Mandy's quilt is looking terrific. You've got your goals set high for this week. Hope you are allowing calm time for your hands.

Lori in South Dakota said...

I just used that pattern--your color choices are much better!

betty said...

I like it and the colors are so soft and peaceful. I know Mandy will enjoy using it.